Art. The word singularly covers such a wide variety of unique pieces of expression and creativity. From color to black and white, drawings, paintings, sculptures, statues, photography, graffiti to modern, contemporary, urban, historical and more, these are all examples of art. Artists find several different outlets to create stellar pieces that others feel drawn to and wish to claim as their own to either start a collection or add to an existing one.

Quite a few different celebrities are drawn to art, some having sizable collections of their own. A few of those famous art collectors include Oprah Winfrey, George Lindemann, Mary-Kate Olsen, John McEnroe, Alec Baldwin and Cheech Marin. That is quite a diverse list of people, just like the art collections that they have obtained throughout the years.

When visiting the Miami area, many people are drawn to the beautiful different locations that have art displayed and available for purchase. Not only do these galleries have one of a kind works available, some of them are actual studios where the artists take advantage of developing their works, finding inspiration and developing their own type of art. This also gives visitors the perfect opportunity to speak directly with the artists, ask questions about certain pieces, learn more about the artist personally, and possibly discuss future works or the creation of a specific piece.

Here is a list of great galleries and studios in Miami where there are several different types of art available to view and purchase throughout the year:

• Art Fusions Gallery – Specializes in Sculptures and Paintings
• Frame Art Inc. – Art Gallery and Custom Framing
• Bakehouse Art Complex – Art Gallery and Studio
• Avant Gallary – Paintings, Photography and Sculptures
• Agustin Gainza Arts and Tavern – Art Gallery
• MAMAN Fine Art – Art Gallery
• Locust Projects – Art Gallery
• Opera Gallery Miami – Art Gallery
• Markowicz Fine Art – Art Gallery

This list is not all inclusive and there may be a few other locations that have not been mentioned here. To view some magnificent street art also known as graffiti, Wynwood Walls is something that needs to be seen in person to truly appreciate.

Miami is also well known for the several art festivals that are held throughout the year. Check the local visitors guide for dates, locations and further information.