New and innovative technology is hitting every facet of society, including the drilling industry. Traditional forms of oil drilling used for oil exploration is slowly being replaced by directional drilling or horizontal drilling, a more eco-conscious method. There are other names for this new environment-friendly drilling method, but all of these methods known as Trenchless drilling are a positive changed for the drilling industry.

This new technology involves the drilling of wells through oil or gas field at angles versus vertical drilling of a well hole after a pathway is predetermined. Laying pipelines and conduits prove easier by using horizontal drilling.

Horizontal drilling offers less disturbance to the ground and can pass under obstacles instead of removing the obstacles in order to run the pipelines. There is still some disturbance to the ground area with heavy equipment, but this ground disturbance greatly decreases with horizontal drilling.

These pipelines are used to transport materials from the gas or oil field and successfully connect the utility and services where trenching in the traditional manner is not possible.

Traditional trenching is the most common way to install and connect utilities to a residential or commercial property. Horizontal drilling can easily go under obstacles such as railroads, buildings and even water.

There are many positive attributes associated with horizontal drilling, such as the installation of many different pipes in one single location, thus creating less fractures to the rock formations underground. There is always a possibility of contamination of ground water with traditional drilling, but with horizontal drilling, there is no contamination of the water. Horizontal drilling protects the environment and causes little to no impact on the eco-system.

As the installed pipes are entering the oil or gas field at an angle instead of vertically, the extraction of more materials completed, in addition to a safer proven method of excavation of materials to the source.

When traditional drilling methods are in the process, inclement weather stops this process. Horizontal drilling during inclement weather is of no concern and the process is able to continue.

Horizontal drilling has little impact on traffic to the area, as would be seen near busy commercial venues such as highways, golf courses, airports and busy train routes.

Three companies offering this new eco-friendly approach to horizontal drilling include Cunningham Energy of West Virginia, Mason Directional Drilling of Illinois, and Horizontal Well Drillers from Oklahoma. Each of these energy companies use the method of horizontal drilling in order to improve efficiency, preserve structures, minimize disruption to the ground, eliminate excavation, and reduce the impact on residential and business property.