Dart Polystyrene foam commonly mistaken for Styrofoam®, a trademark of the DOW Chemical agency, is 100% recyclable. In over 65 cities across the United States, foam is currently being recycled with the help of drop off sites, mail back programs, curb side pickups and more. In this day and age of eco-consciousness it is more important than ever for users to recycle this useful material and divert it from landfills.

There are many available drop off sites where people can dispose of their used foam. A simple and quick search online will help locate a polystyrene recycler close to your neighborhood. Before dropping off used foam at these sites, make certain it is clean, dry, without tape attached to it, labels removed and free of plastic film. If you are unable to find a drop off site, you can mail back your foam by filling out a mail back form, provided by the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers.

A great way to recycle foam material is to simply reuse it yourself. There are many times when filler is needed to safely ship the contents of a package. If you do not have the storage to retain your used foam, contact your local United Parcels Service (UPS). Many UPS stores will gladly take it to reuse in their future shipments. Second, consider using it as insulation for your tool shed, or perhaps a dog house to keep the cold air out. Those that enjoy fishing can use foam as a floater, fishing fly holder, or underwater net trap lifters.

Finally, there are hobbies such as crafting and gardening that can make use of used foam products. Many people use recycled foam in their craft projects. The material works well as a base of a project because it is very stable. Left over foam can also be useful in maintaining your flowers. When placed at the bottom of a planter, potted plants drain much better. Those interested in model trains can use pieces of foam, along with model paints, to make realistic buildings, trees, bridges, and mountains.

In the end, everyone should make note of why we should recycle foam in an effort to protect and preserve the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle.