There is no doubt that the current standards of many of our world’s population have had an effect on our environment and energy choices. With more awareness of the need to produce power without relying so heavily on fossil fuels, the United States has taken a notice to a new type of natural material to be used in the production of energy that is found right here in the Appalachian basin in the Northeast.

The area of Marcellus shale in Pennsylvania is a rich area of the mountains. Cunningham Energy has found the large potential for capturing this gas; however, the set-up of the infrastructure of pipelines may cause difficulties in the startup of this project. The hang-ups of pipelines and permissions make this a slower process. It is an estimate that there is over 14.6 trillion cubic feet of gas that has not been extracted by the oil producers, land developers, or horizontal shale drilling operations located here. This deposit is much deeper in the earth than the Ohio deposits of shale.

The Utica shale in Ohio is a target for dry gas extraction in the future, but oil and natural gas liquids are the main product right now. There is a current cap on the amount of land that one can sell or attain, for this type of development. Cunningham Energy independent oil producer is excited to tap into and utilize these unused natural resources because the shale deposits are deeper and potentially contain more of the shale gas. This shale deposit is approximately 2000 feet below the Pennsylvania land surface.

The drilling for this dry gas located in the shale deposits is rather tricky but becoming increasingly more popular. In 2007, there were only 27 of these drills in Pennsylvania. This number has been steadily rising over the years, showing an increase to 2073 wells in 2011. Many of these drill areas are still in use today and there is growing interest by drillers from all over to this development area.

When it comes to the available natural resources that we have in the United States, and the resources that we currently use, it is a wise decision to investigate, capture, and utilize this valuable gas resource. The production of this alternative form of energy is beneficial to not only the public, but it may be a great boost to the economy and the health of the earth.