Date rape happens often and can leave the victim shamed, hurt, and or even confused about what has happened. Some of these victims may not be aware of what has happened to them to because of certain drugs that they were given. These illegal substances not only cause witnesses to not remember what has occurred the night before but it reduces their ability to fight back. These drugs can be easily slipped into one’s drink but with the help of these products they date rape can be prevented.

Thanks to a company by the name of DrinkSafe Technologies, a drink coaster is able to protect victims from various date rape drugs such as GHB and Ketamine. The drink coaster is a popular item with the company possibly because of its ease of use. An individual just simply places a couple of drops of their beverage onto the coasters by using a straw or his or her finger. The coaster will reveal a result after a couple of minutes once it becomes dry. A coaster that has an unchanged color will prove that the drink is safe from the date rape drugs. If it turns a dark blue color then the beverage has been spiked.

In addition to offering coasters that help to reveal if a beverage has been spiked, this company also sale drink test kits. These kits also are able to detect GHB and Ketamine. The test performs similarly to the coasters except they do not double as a coaster. You just simple apply drops of the beverage onto the test and wait a couple of minutes in order for results to show.

Undercover Colors has currently received a lot of press coverage as they are in the process of developing a color changing nail polish sticker that can detect the presence of date rape drugs in drinks. The Undercover Colors nail polish sticker will change color when a user dips their finger in a drink that has been contaminated with drugs. There is no doubt that this product will be popular on the college scene where date rape is on the rise.

A third company that offers protection against date rape is Savvy Technologies. Savvy Technologies has created a line of cups and glasses by the name of DrinkSavvy. These items help prevent date rape by changing colors as soon as a spiked drink has been poured into them. This visibly notifies an individual that his or her drink has been contaminated by one or more date rape drugs.

Swizzle Sticks and straws are also created by the Israeli to help decrease date rape crimes. These items act similarly to the glass and cups offered by DrinkSavvy. If the straws or swizzle sticks are placed into a beverage that has had a date rape drug added to them then they will automatically light up/change colors.