There are plenty of us who fly frequently. We are tired of the long lines at the airport and the services offered by commercial airlines. What is there turned left to do? There are services that offer charter jets at a discount, like Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter. While you do not have to be a multi-billionaire to fly a charter jet you should expect that you will pay a fee. You should at least be a multi-millionaire to fly on these chartered jet rental service.

So what kinds of chartered jet rental services are available?

There are services that enable you to pay a monthly membership. This monthly membership will be at minimum $1,500. Whether you pay more will depend on what types of services you want. There are ferry services. A ferry service will take you from one point to another point. The plane might be empty while flying back to the starting point or before picking you up. some of these services you can expect to pay large sums of money. What you pay will depend on the services provided by the charter jet rental service.

What can I expect from a private jet service rental?

You can be expected to get what you pay for. If you pay $1,500 to buy into 1/16 of a chartered jet service you can expect this will get you about fifty hours of annual fly time. There are services that you pay a periodic fee to become a member of the chartered jet service rental. The membership will include all-inclusive flying for you. You will get as many hours in the air as you want each month. This is a very good choice for someone who often flies and is tired of the services offered by the airlines.

In conclusion, if you want to fly on a chartered jet service rental you are still going to need to pay a hefty sum of money. However, you will not need to pay the service fee of purchasing the whole jet. There are some chartered jet service rentals that will allow you to buy into the chartered service. There are some chartered service rentals that allow you to fly inland as much as you would like as long as you pay a monthly service fee. You no longer need to be a multi-billionaire to fly on a chartered private jet. But, you do have to be a multi-millionaire.