Children have been told to be seen and not heard. Unfortunately if a child has a higher amount of energy then other children his age he may be medically labeled with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If another child has more difficulty then her classmates academically and seems to be day dreaming instead of paying attention in class she may be medically labeled with ADHD due to poor academic performance and lack of attention.

Today medical labels are placed on children more than ever in schools. Schools are able to receive additional funding for these children from government programs to benefit students. Unfortunately when a child is misdiagnosed with ADHD due to poor attention in class or high activity levels that label will remain with them for life.

Boys are more often than girls to be diagnosed with ADHD. Approximately 1 in 5 teenage boys diagnosed with ADHD are taking ADHD medication. Most of the medications are highly addictive and continued to be prescribed through adolescence and adulthood. Scientists believe behavior skills need to be taught to help adolescents and young adults minimize ADHD symptoms without the need of addictive ADHD medicine.

Another problem today with over diagnosis of ADHD is teens and young adults in school are misusing ADHD medicine as a study aid. ADHD medicine is used as a study aid due to its intense ability to allow the user to concentrate. If a teen complains about poor attention or inability to control impulses, this makes them a candidate for ADHD medication.

Unfortunately these medications are over prescribed for symptoms that are not abnormal behavior for youths. With this new way to study, teens and young adults are buying ADHD medicine from individuals who legitimately need the medicine or are acquiring prescriptions without truly showing symptoms of ADHD. This is leading to over prescribing a psychotic and addictive medicine that can alter brain function and lead to dependence.

If doctors continue to over prescribe ADHD medication, an epidemic will occur as massive amounts of adolescents and young adults will be diagnosed with ADHD simply due to over active behavior or poor attention span in the classroom. As the years go by the children become adolescents and young adults that are still being prescribed medicine that is highly addictive. This leads to the continuation of use of an over prescribed medicine during adulthood that may lead to unexpected health issues later in life.